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Unfortunately winter isn’t quite over which means that those of us who battle dry skin during the winter months are still battling it today. While it feels like a never-ending battle as we sit and wiggle or scratch or look in the mirror at the dry, cracked, flaky, sad looking skin that is staring back at us, it isn’t. There are many things we can do to combat this nemesis we call…dry winter skin…

The first thing we must uncover is whether or not our skin is dry or dehydrated. Yes, there is a difference! Dry skin is caused when there isn’ t enough oil in the skin and is represented by flaky skin. Dehydrated skin comes when there isn’t enough water in the skin and is usually represented by a tight feeling, especially after you wash your face. Dealing with both of these problems is necessary for healthy, radiant skin that glows.

Here are some helpful tips for battling dry and dehydrated winter skin:

Fish Oil!

This seems to be the wonder supplement these days! Taking a fish oil supplement, such as Metagenics Fish Oil vitamins, can have all kinds of health benefits. When talking specifically about the skin, fish oil supplements provide essential Omega 3 fatty acids that most of us don’t get enough of in our regular diet. These, along with Omega 6 fatty acids, help to regulate cellular function and maintain elasticity and suppleness in the skin.


Exfoliation helps shed dead skin cells so that a good moisturizer can do its job. If you don’t lose those dead skin cells, moisturizer will only help the dehydrated skin on the surface. Having a monthly microdermabrasion or non-drying peel will keep the skin exfoliated and increase the penetration level of the products you are using at home.

Find a good moisturizer

Here is a list of products that are recommended by skin care experts at Thrive Integrative Medical Spa:

  • Dermaquest Revive Cream
  • Dermaquest Hydrating b5 Serum
  • PCA Protective Hydrator
  • PCA Silkcoat Balm
  • Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream
  • Avene Trixera Cream

**Remember, speaking to a skin care professional is recommended to help you find the most appropriate product for your skin!