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Let’s face it. You’re only born with one complexion, so you might as well take care of it. There is no documented evidence that proves people are born with naturally flawless skin. But guess what? I’m willing to bet that people with gorgeous skin are happier, more confident and score more dates than their smartphones can handle. Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Change Your Diet

Yes, it’s true. Pizza, french fries and burgers are great comfort foods that we all love. But seriously. Can you really expect to have flawless skin if you regularly scarf down junk food? I’m not saying you need to deprive yourself completely, but start by substituting your favorite foods with leafy green salads, lean fish and chicken and plenty of foods with antioxidants. If you happen to be a vegetarian well, good for you, but don’t assume you’re leading the “pretty people” pack with your chosen lifestyle. Besides, there is no documented research that proves your diet will leave you with flawless skin.


I get it. Chicago winters are brutal, and it wreaks havoc on our skin. Sorry folks, it’s not all Mother Nature’s fault. Show her who’s really in charge by exfoliating your skin twice a week for at least five minutes. Use products that contain Salicylic or Alpha Hydroxy Acids for the best results. These ingredients not only help to prevent breakouts, but they gently polish the skin’s surface and unclog pores to reveal a smooth and radiant complexion.

And remember — if these tips don’t work, you can always blame your parents.

– Nicole L. Townsend