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Capillaries are your body’s smallest blood vessels, which are vital for delivering oxygen and blood to your skin to keep it looking healthy and glowing. When capillaries are broken your skin does not get the blood it needs to stay healthy and many times red, thread-like scars will form on the skin. These scars often form in highly visible places, such as the cheeks and nose, and will not disappear unless medically treated through broken capillary treatment.

What are Broken Capillaries?

Broken capillaries are formed when the capillary walls in the surface levels of your epidermis are broken. This walls can be damaged by extreme weather exposure, including windburn and sunburns, physical trauma, dramatic temperature changes or even repeated pressure to the surface of the skin, oftentimes from wearing glasses or from squeezing or picking at the skin. Capillaries are extremely susceptible to damage as they are very delicate. Capillary walls are made up of only one layer of cells. These walls are thin to allow oxygen and blood to diffuse through the capillaries and into the skin but this also means that slight pressure or one exposure to extreme weather can irreversibly damage these veins. Scientists have also found that a person’s genetics can make them more likely to develop broken capillaries.

Treatments To Fix Broken Capillaries

The most common broken capillary treatment involves treating the affected area with gentle laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. During these treatments your doctor will use laser technology to collapse the capillary wall allowing the capillary and the trapped blood to be absorb naturally back into the surrounding layers of your skin. The precision of laser therapy and Intense Pulsed Light treatments allow your doctor to easily target these small capillaries in your skin without affecting any of the surrounding areas.


The wavelength discharged through the pulse of the laser enables the light to reach the targeted veins under the skin, whilst also improving the overall appearance of the skin by evening out skin tone and encouraging the production of collagen.