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Holistic skin care is named so for its holistic approach to achieving stunning, healthy skin. Holistic skin care teaches individuals that truly radiant, active skin is not just the result of topical skin care treatments but is attributed to inner health and beauty. Holistic skin care calls for the use of natural, organic products and methods for earning and maintaining the most vibrant skin possible.

What is it?

Holistic skin care takes a more in-depth approach to overall beauty and healthy skin. Holistic skin care practitioners promote the beliefs that overall beauty comes from a healthy diet, regular exercise, mental wellbeing and the use of organic beauty products to help enhance your natural beauty. When treating cosmetic or skin ailments holistic skin care considers both the emotional and physical factors that may be affecting an individual and causing their health problems. While holistic skin care does not offer many ‘quick fixes’, the approach to beauty care is so comprehensive and detailed that results can last many years and often have a permanent positive effect on your overall beauty and health of your skin.

How does it work?

Holistic skin care is performed in peaceful, relaxing environments meant to evoke feelings of calm and mental wellbeing. Holistic skin care products are free from perfume, dyes and other harmful chemicals. These products are not tested on animals and are produced using green methods. Holistic skin care expands beyond facial procedures and some holistic skin care treatments involve full body or area specific massages meant to increase overall blood flow and oxygen being circulated around your body. When patients come in with a skin or health issue holistic skin care aims to discover the underlying cause for this issue and treat the root problem instead of simply treating the side effects. By treating the underlying issue this holistic approach prevents future side effects, such as breakouts, skin discoloration and scarring; and makes sure that the treatments you receive have long lasting effects. Holistic skin care helps offer you guidance for eating a balanced diet, obtaining all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs and harnessing the power of positive emotions.


Since holistic skin care methods promote the use of natural organic products and treatments the side effects of any holistic skin care treatment are often very minimal. Treatments do not pose a threat of causing lasting thermal or regenerative damage to the skin, that other more harsh skin care treatments carry. Holistic skin care not only repairs damaged skin but also works to prevent future damage and promote the healthy maintenance of your skin. Holistic skin care offers highly effective ways to protect our skin from the harsh pollutants, chemicals and harmful weather conditions we come into contact with everyday. Holistic skin care also addresses the skin issues we face at every stage in life. As you age your skin’s needs change dramatically and truly effective skin care takes your age and lifestyle into account.

If you have suffered from acne you know that it can be an arduous and frustrating journey that, for some, never ends. At Thrive Integrative Medical Spa we have our own, unique way of treating acne. Unlike the majority of the medical community, which looks at acne as merely a superficial condition and often mistreats the skin with harsh topicals, antibiotics and sometimes dangerous systemic medications, we treat acne from the inside out.

At Thrive, we begin by uncovering and understanding the underlying reasons for your acne. This approach allows us to work from the core of the problem so your skin can heal itself using the natural powers of the body. Our goal is to treat both the superficial acne, as well as the internal causes that can contribute to resistant breakouts. Thrive’s holistic approach allows your body to naturally stabilize any hormonal imbalances, correct inefficient toxin removal, and inflammation. Our process includes the following:

  • An extensive one hour consultation with a seasoned medical esthetician and acne specialist.
  • An evaluation from a physician (if needed for allergy/hormone testing). *All testing is done in our facility and covered by most insurance plans.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan established between a physician and your medical esthetician, tailored to meet your individual skin’s needs. The treatment may include but it not limited to: Isolaz therapy, Levulan, supplementation, dietary changes, and medium depth peels.

At Thrive we believe with this unique blend of light based therapy, holistic solutions and our professional care, we can get you the beautiful, flawless skin you desire.