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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that involves inflammation on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Inflammation can occur either as small spider-like veins, swelling, or be sensitive to touch.

Rosacea can be triggered internally or externally by things such as sun damage, the environment, and cosmetics. Internal triggers that can cause a flare up include spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, and smoking, which are all stimulants. Foods that are high in sugar, including soda and candy, and processed foods can also be internal triggers. The environment can also have an internal effect on Rosacea with the pollution, free radicals, sun, and temperature change. The external effects that trigger flare ups are things such as cosmetics, skin care products, and the environment. When choosing cosmetics, you should always choose a mineral based make-up line. Mineral make-ups are calming to the skin because they only use the finest ingredients, they let the skin breathe and can actually improve the look and texture of your skin. Harsh soaps or cleansers are another external trigger for Rosacea.

After cleansing your skin it should feel soft and radiant, not tight and dry. Most skin care professionals recommend using a creamy cleanser that is hydrating to add moisture back to your skin. **TIP: do not use a washcloth when cleansing your skin, it is over stimulating and will cause a flare-up. An overall suggestion for anyone who is dealing with Rosacea, or isn’t sure if they have it, is to seek professional help for treatment and product recommendations. Another suggestion is to monitor how your skin feels and its appearance during or after eating certain foods and/or using certain products.

We have covered what triggers Rosacea, now let’s discuss what can be done to help soothe the skin and reduce the number of flare-ups. Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 play an important role in fighting inflammation. Having a healthy well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables is what our skin and body needs to operate to its full potential. When consuming foods that are high in antioxidants and fiber your body is able to work from the inside out to treat the condition. The cucumber family (watermelon, zucchini, and pumpkin) have shown to fight off toxins and relieve inflammation.