Laser Hair Removal: Information, Treatment, Benefits

The hassle and skin irritation that comes with shaving on a regular basis is enough to drive anyone mad. Laser hair removal was first invented in the 1970s to help relieve men and women from the constant inconvenience that comes with traditional hair removal. Since the treatment was first invented the process has come a long way; today’s laser hair removal is now quick, painless and highly effective at removing even the most coarse, dark hair.

What is it?

Laser hair removal uses laser light and the heat it generates to evaporate the body’s hair right at its root. Laser hair removal has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the permanent reduction of hair growth. Laser hair removal consists of a manually-wielded hair removal wand, which when focused on a specific area of the body, removes all traces of hair both above and below the skin. Before you begin the doctor will provide you with special goggles to help protect your eyes during the procedure. The procedure is painless, although the patient will experience a warming sensation on areas of the body where they are being treated. Most dermatologists administering the treatment also use a cooling device which blows cool air onto the skin to relieve any discomfort felt by the patient.

How does it work?

There are several types of laser hair removal, but the most common technique uses selective photothermolysis (SPTL). Selective photothermolysis is the use of high-intensity lasers at a controlled wavelength and interval to help remove the hair and its root with high thermal temperatures. Laser hair removal targets the hair’s follicle. Light is absorbed more completely by darker matter, so laser hair removal also targets the dark melanin surrounding the hair follicle, which helps promote hair growth. The heat and intensity of the laser evaporates the hair and its follicle and also stunts the production of melanin leading to permanent hair reduction. Most patients usually see the best results when the opt for 3 to 8 sets of treatment. There are minimal side effects from laser hair removal, however the skin may be tender to the touch for one or two days after the procedure. The patient may also experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that experienced after a sunburn. Gentle washing with soap and water the use of aloe lotion can help keep the treated area clean after the treatment and reduce the tingling sensation.


Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair growth, meaning when hair begins to grow back it will be more fine and significantly less in quantity than the original hair that was in that area. Laser hair removal can be performed on a number of areas of the body, but the most common areas include the face, armpits, legs and bikini line. Laser hair removal has proved to be most effective on individuals with darker hair; however, treatments are also effective on individuals with lighter hair and constant improvements are being made to the process and its effectiveness.

Laser Hair Removal, Is it for you?

How many times have you muttered the phrase, “AARRRGGG I forgot to shave my ______”? Or gone to get a wax only to walk out wincing in pain? If you are like many of us out there you continue to shave or wax because you don’t think there is any other option. You have heard of Laser Hair Removal but never considered it an option for you. With summer right around the corner why not consider Laser Hair Removal? It may be the best investment you’ve made for yourself all year!

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is worth it in the end! After 4 years of buying razors you would have paid for LHR for that area. After only 2 years of waxing you would have paid for LHR for that area. Not to mention the fact that when you wax you have to go back every 3-4 weeks, the hair stays the same and ALWAYS comes back. Same with shaving, you keep shaving and the hair keeps coming back! Some individuals suffer from ingrown hairs with waxing and shaving, and we all know that is no walk in the park! Laser Hair Removal will get rid of ingrown hairs by penetrating into the skin where the ingrown hair is located, no more hair and no more scarring! Commonly treated areas include: upper lip, chin, beard, back of neck, underarms, areola, bikini, legs, arms, back and abdomen. At Thrive, our laser systems allow us to treat the full body – no limits!

What does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

So what does the treatment feel like? This depends on the type of hair and skin type of the client. For brown hair and light to medium skin types, it is virtually painless. Often patients feel a gentle and warm sensation as the skin is drawn into the treatment tip. For darker skin types with black hair, some patients briefly experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation, similar to a quick, warm rubber band snap. The feeling is transient and there is not residual pain. If you are someone with an extremely low pain tolerance, or are worried about if it is going to hurt in a sensitive area, talk to your skin care professional about the possibility of using a topical anesthetic.

Treatment Length

Laser Hair Removal typically requires 4-8 treatments to get excellent long-term results. However, the exact number of treatments varies from person to person and often varies between body parts being treated. It is a quick procedure that will fit into any hectic schedule. A small area such as facial hair and underarms can take as little as 5-15 minutes. More detailed areas such as the bikini take about 30 minutes and large areas, such as back or legs can take 45 minutes or more depending on size.

Why Choose Thrive Med Spa

At Thrive, we utilize a number of the industry’s most advanced lasers. No one laser is a “jack of all trades”. With this in mind, it is a must to have several types of laser systems available in order for us to customize treatments to your individual needs. This is important because we do not provide the same treatment to everybody. The laser’s intensity is adjusted to your individual type of skin and hair. In addition to our proven technology, all treatments are approved and overseen by a Board Certified Physician.