Thrive Med Spa provides top rated Microdermabrasion procedures and treatments throughout the Chicagoland area from the downtown Loop to Gold Coast and River North areas.

What is Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion uses gentle abrasion and suction to painlessly remove the outer layer of dead skin. The underlying epidermis immediately looks and feels smoother and more radiant. There is no downtime, you can return to daily activities immediately. Regular treatments will also improve the effect of scarring and skin discoloration.


Microdermabrasion helps reverse the damage done by the environment. Exposure to airborne pollutants and sun radiation combine with the natural aging process to create fine lines, wrinkles, and changes in texture and color. It is the perfect enhancement to any facial!

How often is the treatment recommended?

Depending on the condition of the skin, microdermabrasion can be done as a maintenance treatment to freshen up the skin or to treat neglected skin. If your skin has been neglected, it is recommended to start a series of 4-6 treatments to be performed every 2 weeks. This is recommended because skin cells begin shedding and slowly rise to surface. The strateum corneum is a glue-like substance that holds the outer layer of our cells together; it is the build-up of the strateum corneum that is responsible for the skin’s rough, dry, scaly appearance and brown age or sun spots. These clinging dead skin cells also trap dirt and oil in the pores causing blackheads and whiteheads, especially in the t-zone. After a microdermabrasion, blackheads and whiteheads are easily removed with extractions.

What are the differences in machines?

There are all types of machines on the market today. However, they are not all created equal. The main differences are medical-grade versus spa-grade and crystal versus diamond tip. Spa-grade microdermabrators are lower in power and give a less effective peel. Typically, crystal machines are more painful and messy due the crystals left on the skin after the treatment. Our Pristine diamond tip unit is medical-grade and top of the line. This is no mess and no pain involved yet it is extremely effective.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes, it is recommended to rehydrate the skin with a facial mask immediately following the treatment. For a more aggressive treatment, microdermabrasion can be combined with a light glycolic chemical peel. This is recommended for combination to oily skin types. Our medical estheticians will let you know if you are a candidate.

What are the contraindications?

You should not have microdermabrasion if you have had a recent herpes breakout, have used Accutane in the last year, are on blood thinners, used Retin-A in the last 48 hours, have active rosacea, warts, stage 3-4 acne, or recently waxed.

How should I prepare for the treatment?

No Retin-A or harsh exfoliators 48 hours prior to your treatment.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Immediately following your treatment you will be glowing! Individuals with sensitive skin may experience slight redness. It will look like you just got a little sun. You can return your normal routine with no down time.

Thrive Medical Spa uses an all natural, diamond tip microdermabrasion machine, the finest and most modern medical microdermabrasion system available in Chicago. The treatment is gentler and the result is more dramatic than aluminum oxide microdermabrasion systems.

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