Thrive Med Spa provides Acne Scarring Treatments throughout the Chicagoland area from the downtown Loop to Gold Coast and River North areas.

Scars left behind from moderate to severe acne can make you insecure about your appearance and prevent you from having the clear, beautiful skin you deserve. Since acne scarring usually penetrates deep into the lowest levels of your epidermis scarring can usually take many years to dissolve on its own. Acne scarring laser treatments offer a fast, pain free way to erase acne scars from all layers of skin and allow clear, flawless skin to grow in its place.

At Thrive Med Spa, we use our experience of what is most effective for most clients, take each individual’s skin and struggles into consideration, and formulate a customized acne treatment plan for each client.

What are Acne Scarring Treatments

Acne scarring laser treatment involves using lasers and light therapy to restore damaged or scarred skin to its natural healthy state. Laser technology has taken off in the past couple years and there are several methods available for treating your skin. There are several types of scars left behind by acne. Most of them result in discoloration or redness of the skin and a mild impression. Dermatologists use the shape of these impressions to classify the different types of acne scars.

Acne scars fall into one of four main classifications:

Ice Pick

Ice pick scars are deep, sharp indents that are narrow in width (usually less than 2 mm across) and look as though they were created by an ice pick.


Boxcar scars are most often found on the cheeks and are shallow, wide skin indents.

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars give skin a wave-like appearance and are caused by damage beneath the surface of the skin.


Hypertrophic scars are wide and bumpy and are often found on the back and chest.

Laser therapy can treat each of these types of acne scarring and the different types of laser used during treatment depends upon the type of scars you have, the desired outcome of your treatment and healing time. Laser treatments are often carried out over several visits, and usually require 3 to 4 treatments.

How Does It Work

Laser therapy gently removes the outer layers of the epidermis where dead skins cells and scar tissue are trapped. They also trigger growth within the lower layers of the epidermis to promote the growth of fresh, healthy skin to ensure you have lasting flawless, smooth skin. Laser treatments also stimulate the collagen within your skin causing it to tighten, creating firmer more youthful looking skin. Some laser treatments work by resurfacing your skin, allowing even, healthy skin to grow in its place and ridding your skin from any dents or pock marks left as a result of scarring or genetics. The procedure is pain free, however some patients report feeling a slight pressure on their skin as they undergo treatment.

Benefits of Acne Scarring Treatments

The benefits from acne scarring laser treatments become obvious within a few days of the procedure and continue to improve over the next several months. Due to the depth of laser treatments, results are often lasting and can help prevent future breakouts or acne scars from forming. The recovery time is usually minimal; skin may be sensitive for a few days following the procedure and during this time you should avoid harsh face washes or face lotions.

Why Thrive Med Spa Is The Best At Acne Scarring Treatments

Thrive’s Acne Treatment Regimen combines laser/light treatments and products to target specific factors related to acne.

Common Reasons Why People Get Acne

  1. Over-productive sebaceous (oil) glands
  2. Abnormal skin sloughing (causing clogged pores)
  3. Bacterial overgrowth (and subsequent inflammation)

The goals of the treatment are

  • Minimize acne breakouts
  • Unclog pores
  • Diminish post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) (red or brown spots that can remain for several months after the acne is gone).
  • Minimize scarring (by stimulating collagen, which induces a smoother, softer appearance of scarring
  • Reduce the frequency, number, size, duration, and depth of future acne breakouts (which can prevent further scarring and/or PIH)

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