I started having acne over 5 years ago when I began college. Though I fortunately hadn’t dealt with it throughout my adolescence, it hit me hard both physically and mentally. Through endless amounts of research, trial and error, and dermatologists that never had the time (or the answer), I started to lose hope. Before meeting Patti I was skeptical that Thrive would be any different to the other derms, doctors, and estheticians I had seen before. But I was wrong! I am truly thankful I found Patti. From the first consultation, I was impressed to finally find a person with equal parts compassion, knowledge, and patience. Patti made me feel completely comfortable about talking through my personal experience and restored my faith that I would one day have great skin again. With each session I learn more helpful insights and feel one step closer to the answer. It has been a huge relief to trust someone with my skin problems and not feel like I am wasting time or money. I have never met someone more passionate or more fitting for their job. Patti is a great asset to Thrive and an even greater asset to my own personal acne success story.

– J.L.

I have been seeing Patti at Thrive for multiple laser treatments, photo facials and peels. She is so passionate about skincare and takes the extra time and effort to really understand what my skin needs. She is so well versed in the ingredients in each skincare product, so I feel confident when she prescribes a skincare regiment for me. I have seen such and improvement with my fine lines and wrinkles, my pore minimization and my broken capillaries. Its so great to see such an improvement in my skin so that I don’t have to load up on makeup anymore. I also feel that many times estheticians are not aggressive enough with my skin and it takes many treatments to see results, not with Patti, she knows what my skin can handle and I see great results every time. I always have a great experience at Thrive and Patti is the best!

– J.L.

I have been a client of Patti Gran’s for a little over a year now. I was very nervous when we first met, as my original Medical Esthetician was taking a leave of absence. She assured me that Patti was a professional and that I would be in good HANDS. I found this to be true, she spoke the truth, and I could trust her! I could feel her healing energy just walking in for my appointment that day. She doesn’t miss a beat, or a hair, or a blemish! She is a true professional in an industry where the top noble quality is KNOWLEDGE; Patti has an enthusiastic expertise of all things face and body, hair and skin, outside and even inside (like food, vitamins, etc.) By the time I left that first time and for every appointment since then, she welcomes me and makes me feel completely comfortable IN MY SKIN, literally!



“I find Thrive to be professional and clear on every step of the process. I started with Laser Hair Removal, Photofacial and age spot removal, Laser Gensis (acne scarring repair) and lastly Jessners and TCA Depth Peels (moderate wrinkling and sun damage) My face has never looked so good….its glowing!!! Thrive is the best! They took my 58 year old face and made it look 10 years younger. My esthetician winning smile and compassionate ways made all the sessions enjoyable and fun.

– A.Y (July, 2010)

Last week, April 9th, I took my 16 year old daughter to the Thrive Medical Spa in Chicago because her acne was getting worse. The esthetician, Jen, recommended a series of Isolaz treatments combined with a light peel before every other treatment. I was hesitant because the cost was a bit pricey for me (I’m an only parent of three). But when I looked at my daughter and realized that the idea behind her latest hair style was meant to hide as much of her acned face as possible, I knew that I had to at least give this treatment a shot. So she had a light peel followed by two passes with the Aesthera Isolaz machine. She reported that there was no pain involved other than the slight snap of the machine. Immediately after the treatment her skin was a very, very mild pink color which was gone within an hour or two. The amazing thing happened when she awoke the next morning… her skin was SO much better! I can’t tell you how astonished we were at how much improvement there was! And this was in a matter of 12 hours. She felt so good that she finally decided to wear a blouse that she had purchased several weeks earlier but hadn’t had the desire to wear.

This was my daughter’s first of six treatments (spaced one week apart). At this rate of advancement, I’m sure she’ll be wearing her hair pulled back from her face in no time. I’ve read that people have different levels of improvement with this treatment but in my daughter’s case the results have been astonishing. We have another appointment today so I hope to add a follow up soon.

I highly recommend Thrive Medical Spa. I’ve found Dr. Summers and his staff to be very knowledgeable, very experienced, and very friendly.

Hope this info helps someone out there.

– T


I was a bride and was looking for a spa to freshen up prior to the wedding so I could look and feel my best. Jessi and her team were awesome. She was able to meet my needs and surpass my expectations. Jessi was very patient as I was very particular with my concerns. Everything from quality of service, location, availability to parking was great. I would highly recommend her to my clients, friends and family.

Thrive’s offices are warmly inviting and comforting—hygienic. The staff and professionals there are unusually friendly and seem to get along well. This sort of thing matters to me. Ever gone to a spa to be greeted by a surly receptionist? Sometimes it requires half the massage-time just to shake the bad vibes.

First, I got acupuncture from Kim Sullivan: her treatment room was a womblike oasis: calming from the start. I’ve had acupuncture many times before and know good from average, from bad. Kim knows what she’s doing. She offers a thoughtful, relaxed intake session and then talks you through the process. Her treatment transported me away. I arrived with some stiff, creaky joints and a bad tummy, and left a light, liquid, giggly being without achy parts. I almost asked if I could just stay there and sleep on the table all day.

Next, I got a photo-facial from Jessica Fanning. I’d originally intended to get a regular pore-cleansing sort of facial, but following Jessica’s likewise thoughtful, informative consultation, decided to try something I’d never done before. She in no way presented a hard-sell or made me feel I’d be deficient without it. Rather, her friendly, no-nonsense air of total competency made trying the photo-facial seem easy. And it was! She chatted with me throughout the process, and when it was done, everything she said was true: following a short, innocuous healing process, my skin would look leagues better. It does!

And while both Kim and Jessica anointed and treated me with some lovely lotions and potions (some of which I later bought), neither pushed products on me. Mercy.

I’ll return to Thrive soon and again!”

I have actually been to Thrive several times. I originally heard about it through a friend. I’ve gone there several times for microderms and peels. I have seen several different estheticians; Jessica and Korina and they have all been wonderful. Once I had a question about some small veins on my face, the esthetician called in the physician (Dr. Summers) and the three of us discussed what would be the proper treatment. All this for a $50.00 microderm tx! It is really great place to be treated! I really enjoyed it.

I went to the thrive spa on the recommendation of a friend. Since my first visit, I have been back three times. The esthetician Jessica, is so sweet and professional, and she does a great microderm. I also had a Botox treatment by Dr. Summers about two months ago that was terrific. The Thrive med spa is a place where I feel that I have received caring, expert treatment.

A truly amazing place. I went in for a consultation on laser hair removal and Botox. What I received was full information regarding the procedures, and then some. With the integrative approach, the practitioners (MD’s and professionals) there informed me about all the possibilities to maximize my result. The actual procedure of the laser hair removal was done by an esthetician, that I swear, was the best in the city. Overall, I had an amazing experience at this establishment.