Thrive Med Spa provides top rated Laser Vein Therapy for broken capillaries, rosy cheeks, leg veins, and red freckles throughout the Chicagoland area from the downtown Loop to Gold Coast and River North areas.

What is Laser Vein Therapy

If you suffer from broken capillaries, rosy cheeks, leg veins, or red freckles (cherry angiomas) laser treatments can provide safe and effective alternatives you have been looking for. Benign vascular lesions are overgrown enlarged blood vessels or multiple small vessels. Medical laser and intense pulsed light technology provide a non-invasive, no “down time” treatments for these benign skin conditions.


The vessels are treated by targeting the red blood cells and coagulating the vessel, making it no longer visible. The laser is safe and effective because of its unique ability to selectively treat the blood vessels of a vascular lesion without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. Thus, it will eliminate many lesions while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

Do the Treatments Hurt?

Most patients report a transient stinging sensation as the laser pulse is delivered to the vessel. Although no topical anesthetic is requires, some patients opt to apply a numbing cream 30 minutes before their treatment. Following the treatment, the pain is minimal to nonexistent.

How Many Laser Treatments do I Need?

Most patients find that 1-2 treatments are sufficient. However, depending on the size, color and number of the vascular lesions, more treatments may be needed. Our certified laser specialists will evaluate your individual needs prior to treatment.

When Will I See the Results?

Right away! Most facial vessels will clear immediately. Smaller, underlying vessels may need a second treatment.

What Can I Expect After the Treatment?

Following your treatment, there may be some redness and localized swelling depending on the area treated. In rare instances a small bruise may appear. This will subside within 5-7 days. Most patients can return to their normal activities; however some sensitive skin patients choose to stay home. Ice should be applied to the treated area for up to 12 hours following the treatment. Keep the skin moist if dryness occurs.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients report few if any side effects. However, some patients may have redness and swelling for up to 24 hours. In rare instances, a bruise or blister may appear. This will heal in 5-14 days with no complications.

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