AviClear for Acne

At Thrive Med Spa & Wellness in Honolulu, HI, we understand the quest for clear, radiant skin. Navigating the myriad of treatments available can be daunting. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce AviClear™—a revolutionary approach to acne treatment that seamlessly combines safety with efficacy. Join us on a journey to unveil the beauty of clear, rejuvenated skin.

Diving Into AviClear™

AviClear™ is a trailblazing solution, recognized as the first FDA-cleared energy device purposefully designed for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne. It employs a unique 1726-nm wavelength suitable for all skin types, making it exceptional in its ability to selectively target and suppress the sebaceous glands. By doing so, this treatment addresses acne right at its root, eliminating the need for prescription medications.

The Mechanics Behind the Treatment

Acne, a prevalent skin condition affecting up to 50 million Americans yearly, is majorly caused by overactive sebaceous glands. This treatment employs a groundbreaking approach by shrinking these glands, resulting in reduced oil production and fewer blocked pores. Its state-of-the-art technology provides a strategic solution, ensuring a direct tackle on the foundational cause of acne, as opposed to merely managing its symptoms.

The Assurance of Safety and Efficacy

Safety and effectiveness are at the core of this treatment. Not only is it FDA-cleared, but its integration of the exclusive AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling technology and smart sensors prioritizes patient comfort. This ensures the skin’s temperature remains consistent during treatment, and there are no unexpected or severe post-treatment effects. Dr. Jeffrey S. Dover, who played a pivotal role in developing the technology, labels it as a “breakthrough” in dermatology.

Perks of Opting for This Treatment

This treatment is not just any aesthetic skin treatment—it’s a transformative experience. It offers rapid results, significantly eliminating acne in just three 30-minute sessions without any downtime. Plus, the intuitive user interface ensures that the treatment process remains smooth both for practitioners and patients. Esteemed dermatologists and aesthetic professionals are heralding AviClear™ as the future of acne treatment.

What to Expect From Treatment

Choosing this treatment means aligning yourself with cutting-edge dermatological innovation. Its efficacy is pronounced, with 80% of patients witnessing a clearance of at least half their acne after only three treatments. Remarkably, these results not only persist but also improve over time. Six months post-treatment, this clearance rate escalates to an impressive 87%, showcasing the long-lasting benefits of this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

To harness the full potential of AviClear™, adherence to your treatment sessions is vital. Given its non-invasive nature, you can seamlessly return to your daily routines. However, to further enhance your results, avoid direct sun exposure and any skin-aggravating activities immediately post-treatment. Engaging in a consistent skincare regimen tailored to your skin type will also complement the treatment’s benefits.

This treatment is tailored for individuals battling mild, moderate, or severe acne. Given its innovative design that targets and suppresses the sebaceous glands, it’s an optimal solution for those looking to address the root cause of their acne without resorting to prescription medications. Whether you’re a teenager grappling with adolescent acne or an adult dealing with persistent flare-ups, the treatment offers an effective, safe, and FDA-cleared treatment option.

The potency of the treatment is evident in its ability to produce significant results within a concise treatment span. Typically, patients can expect a noticeable reduction in acne after just three 30-minute sessions. The beauty of AviClear™ is its cumulative effect: while immediate results are discernible, the treatment’s benefits continue to manifest and improve even after the sessions, making it a lasting solution.

AviClear™ stands out in the realm of acne treatments owing to its pioneering approach. Unlike traditional methods that often manage symptoms, this treatment directly addresses acne’s root cause by targeting the sebaceous glands. This ensures reduced oil production and fewer blocked pores. Moreover, its integration of the AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling technology ensures maximal patient comfort, and its FDA clearance further solidifies its position as a safe and groundbreaking solution in dermatology.

This treatment prides itself on being a universal treatment, catering to every skin tone. It’s been meticulously engineered to ensure safety and effectiveness on all types, granting everyone the opportunity for clearer skin.

Though individual experiences might differ, most users witness a discernible reduction in acne within a fortnight following the initial session. As treatments progress, the benefits only amplify. It’s worth noting, however, that a small subset of clients might undergo a temporary acne flare-up around seven days post-treatment, but this occurrence is relatively rare.

This treatment doesn’t merely address existing acne; it revolutionizes your skin’s oil production mechanism to deter future outbreaks. This deep-rooted change ensures lasting results. The testament to its enduring impact is evident in the initial study participants, who, even after two years, continue to flaunt clear skin.

While the allure of spot-treating specific breakouts is understandable, AviClear’s protocol recommends a full-face approach. Singularly focusing on isolated areas can inadvertently incite oil overproduction in untreated regions. By encompassing the entire face, the treatment not only rectifies present concerns but also preemptively wards off potential future complications.

Clearing the Path to Radiant Skin

Acne has long been a formidable adversary in the quest for flawless skin. However, with the advent of AviClear™, the landscape of acne treatments is undergoing a profound transformation. This innovative technology not only offers a targeted solution but also paves the way for enduring results. Embracing such advancements propels us closer to a world where acne no longer dictates our skin’s narrative.

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