Male Enhancement Treatments

At Thrive Med Spa & Wellness in Honolulu, HI, we offer male enhancement treatments to meet the needs of our patients who want to boost their confidence, improve sexual performance, and even treat erectile dysfunction. We can design a customized treatment plan with one of our safe and effective treatment methods to help you experience all the benefits of improved sexual health and confidence.

What Is Male Enhancement?

Our male enhancement treatment plans safely and naturally promote patient confidence, improve sexual wellness and performance, and ensure long-lasting treatment results. Our enhancement treatments help patients achieve their desired results through comfortable, discreet, and professional treatments.

We offer two primary male enhancement treatments, Bellafill® injections to increase penile size and girth and the P-Shot to promote sexual wellness, improve performance, and even alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. When we meet with you for an initial consultation, we can discuss your treatment goals and concerns and determine which treatment option is best for you.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

There are many benefits to undergoing a male enhancement treatment plan. Not only are the treatments comfortable, but there’s no significant downtime, and the results are long-lasting. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Customized treatment plans
  • Pain-free treatments
  • Noticeable and long-lasting results
  • A natural treatment process
  • Improved patient confidence after treatment
  • Better sexual wellness and improved performance
  • Treatments are affordable and non-surgical
  • Treatments are safe and don’t interact with other medications

The P-Shot

The P-Shot is a men’s sexual wellness injectable that can increase girth and length by up to two inches. This injectable uses growth factors and regenerative properties from the patient’s blood to increase blood flow and circulation and improve penile health, increase sexual stamina, and promote increased pleasure and sensation. The P-Shot contains supercharged platelets that can rejuvenate the penile tissue to increase sexual function, length, and girth.

How It Works

The first step in the treatment is a blood draw to obtain a blood sample that we can use to prepare the PRP into injectable form to administer during treatment. Unlike most practices that use a single spin system to concentrate the PRP two-fold, we use a double-spin system to prepare the PRP, which concentrates the platelet-rich plasma seven-fold. The higher concentration makes a significant difference in the treatment results and longevity.

What Should I Expect From a Treatment?

The P-Shot is designed to naturally increase blood circulation and uses growth factors to improve the firmness, length, and girth of the penis and erection quality. A typical treatment process takes 90 minutes from start to finish.

You can expect a comfortable and safe treatment process as we administer a nerve block before administering the injectable to ensure patients experience zero discomfort. You won’t have to plan around downtime and can resume normal activities within a few hours of the treatment.

What It Treats

The P-Shot is designed to naturally enhance the male sex life, improve the quality of erections, treat erectile dysfunction, increase blood flow to the penis, and promote sexual health and wellness.

A Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Not only can the P-Shot improve sexual health and wellness, but it’s also an effective treatment for those who have erectile dysfunction. The typical treatment protocol for ED includes oral medications and other treatments that can negatively impact health and causes an adverse reaction. One of the benefits of the P-Shot is that it can naturally treat ED by increasing blood flow to the area without causing the headaches and flushing typical of many oral medications.

It’s also safe and won’t interact with any other medications, and because the growth factors come from your body, you won’t have to worry about side effects or an allergic reaction. Compared to many ED medications, the P-Shot is affordable and will deliver results lasting a year or longer.

Who It’s Right For

The P-Shot is an effective treatment that can promote sexual health and wellness in men of all different life stages. It can improve sexual function, performance, and sensation in younger men who want to feel more confident about their sex lives, and it can also help improve erections in men in their 40s, 50s, and beyond who have noticed decreased sexual performance and function as a result of the natural aging process or other factors.

Bellafill® Injections

Bellafill® is a collagen-stimulating dermal filler with an active ingredient called polymethyl methacrylate microspheres suspended in a smooth gel formula. Once injected into the treatment area, Bellafill® stimulates natural collagen production. The treatment begins working immediately, and results appear gradually over time.

We use Bellafill® injections to increase the size and girth of the penis; men can expect gradual, natural, and long-lasting results in the weeks following their treatment. The results are as permanent as your own collagen, as the injectable is designed to force your body to create natural collagen at the treatment site.

What Should I Expect From a Treatment?

Before administering Bellafill®, we administer a nerve block to ensure patient comfort. Then, we inject the right amount of Bellafill® into specific areas of the penis to help you achieve your desired results. You’ll need to follow some aftercare instructions but can expect to resume typical daily activities after treatment.

Results will appear gradually as the body produces new collagen in response to the treatment to increase natural volume at the injection sites and increase the length and girth of the penis. Most patients only need one treatment for the best results, but we can give you more details about your treatment plan when we meet with you during your initial consultation.

Learn More

Whether you want to improve your overall sexual health and wellness, treat erectile dysfunction, or learn more about our Bellafill® treatments that can add natural volume to the penis to promote length and girth, we can schedule an initial consultation to give you more details about our male enhancement treatment options. We can answer any questions and confirm your treatment eligibility to determine which option will help improve your confidence and enhance your overall sexual health, wellness, and performance.

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