Spectrum Laser Procedures

At Thrive Med Spa & Wellness in Honolulu, HI, we offer a suite of laser treatments for hair removal, tattoo removal, dark spot treatments, and skin rejuvenation. Our treatments can restore clear, healthy skin and correct the most common yet stubborn types of discoloration, including age spots and melasma. We offer different Spectrum Laser procedures so patients can achieve smoother, fresher, and younger-looking skin on their faces and bodies.

What Are Spectrum Laser Procedures?

The Spectrum Laser is a platform with different laser technologies, each custom-tailored for certain treatments. It has different capabilities and uses various modalities to eliminate tattoos, remove unwanted hair from the face and body, treat and eliminate discoloration, and rejuvenate the skin. The Spectrum Laser procedures include the following:

  • Intense pulsed light treatments
  • Tattoo removal treatments using the Q-Switched Yag/KTP
  • Skin resurfacing treatments with the Erbium Yag 
  • Vascular reduction treatments using the Long Pulsed Yag 
  • Hair removal treatments with the 810-diode laser

What Are the Benefits?

Our Spectrum Laser procedures are completely customizable. They can meet the needs of patients with specific treatment goals safely and quickly. This platform includes different laser treatment options, and patients can address one or several concerns during their sessions. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Laser treatments are quick and can be scheduled during a lunch break if needed
  • Laser energy addresses the patient’s desired treatment area without harming the surrounding skin
  • Results are evident within days of treatments and continue improving over time
  • There’s no social downtime

Hair Removal

Hair removal is a time-consuming necessity, but it doesn’t have to be. With laser hair removal, we use the laser device to target and heat hair follicles to damage it so that it stops growing hair. Post-treatment, you won’t have to shave, wax, or tweeze but can enjoy smooth, healthy skin.

We can use the Spectrum Laser for hair removal treatments to help patients achieve hair-free skin. The device is equipped with an 810-diode laser, ideal for laser hair removal. It has a large spot size and quick pulse rate to effectively target larger and smaller areas on the face and body. It also features a built-in cooling device to ensure a comfortable skin temperature and pain-free treatment experience.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re tired of using at-home hair removal methods and want to invest in laser hair removal to achieve permanent results, you may be the perfect candidate for a customized treatment plan.

We will evaluate your skin, your hair, and each desired treatment area to confirm your treatment candidacy and then design your customized plan. We can also give you more details about what type of results you can achieve and what to expect from your treatment process.

Tattoo Removal

Our Spectrum Laser procedures include tattoo removal with the Q-Switch Icon that uses a Q-Switched Yag/KTP laser. This dual-wavelength 1064nm/532nm laser can remove dark, light, and bright pigments from the skin, eliminating smaller and larger tattoos virtually anywhere on the body. The laser shatters the tattoo pigment, and the body responds by flushing those particles out of the system following the treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Whether you got a tattoo that you now no longer want years ago or weeks ago, you may be a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. This device can safely and effectively remove the smallest and largest tattoos of all different colors from all locations and restore uniform, healthy-looking skin.

At your consultation, we can evaluate the tattoo or tattoos you want to treat with the laser device and then give you more details about what your treatment plan will look like and how many sessions it will take to restore your healthy, clear skin.

Age Spots and Melasma Treatments

Skin discoloration is a common concern among men and women. While there are many different treatments and products that claim to restore uniform skin, very few are effective. We offer Spectrum Laser procedures specifically designed to target age spots and melasma to improve skin tone.

The laser device uses heat energy to break down the pigmented cells and encourages cellular renewal and regeneration. Newer, healthier cells replace the discolored ones in the weeks following treatment, and you’ll see a gradual improvement in your skin tone and achieve a more uniform complexion.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for our age spot and melasma treatments are patients with visible skin discoloration that remains unresponsive to other skincare treatments and professional skin care products. During your consultation, we will evaluate the dark spots you want to treat and determine the best Spectrum Laser procedures to eliminate those spots so you can enjoy a uniform skin tone.

Skin Resurfacing

We use the Spectrum Laser’s Erbium and Q-Switched Yag to perform our laser skin resurfacing treatments. Patients can schedule these treatments to resurface the skin on the face, neck, hands, and chest to eliminate lines, wrinkles, and other age-related and cosmetic imperfections.

There’s minimal downtime after treatments, and the results are dramatic and long-lasting. We offer full-body laser skin resurfacing treatments and customized treatment plans for each patient’s needs.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have lines, wrinkles, or other cosmetic or aging-related imperfections that you can’t treat with topical products alone, you may be a good candidate for a customized laser skin resurfacing treatment plan. Our laser device can uncover younger-looking skin, promote skin health, and increase natural collagen and elastin production to improve the appearance and health of your skin.

We can discuss your primary concerns during an initial consultation and then design an individualized treatment plan custom-tailored to your specific goals.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With the Spectrum Laser

Our Spectrum Laser procedures can meet the needs of patients with all different skin types and treatment goals. A custom-tailored treatment plan using one or more of the modalities within the system can perfect and rejuvenate your skin. Whether you want to remove one or more tattoos, eliminate unwanted hair, treat discoloration, or experience face and body skin rejuvenation, we can use one of the treatment options from this device to help you accomplish each aging-related and cosmetic goal.

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