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Wearing Sunscreen Is Where It’s at!

While we celebrate rising temps in Chicago, let’s make a commitment to perk up our skincare regimens by shielding our skin against the long-term effects of over exposure to harmful UVA/UVB rays. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and it’s absolutely essential to keep your skin protected and healthy throughout the year by applying sunscreen [...]

Beauty Is Everywhere

One of the greatest joys in life is finding inspiration and beauty everywhere, including social media platforms. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know half the people on my friends list, but I find much enjoyment in the wealth of interesting opinions, jokes, political stances, and the best part — aimless chatter. [...]

My First Blush

It wasn’t until my 22nd birthday that I’d adopted a new attitude about makeup. Behind me are the days spent agonizing over applying mascara, or finding a blush that wouldn’t scream “Ringling Brothers.” Gone are the days spent flipping through magazines looking for makeup looks to mimic, soothing raw lips from excessive lipstick trials, and [...]

The Ten Commandments of Makeup and Skincare Part 2

Picking up where we left off in part 1… Commandment Number 6: Thou shall remove all makeup before bed at night! Seriously, raccoon eyes in the morning isn’t very appealing, and I guarantee that you’ll have even more problems once your pores become clogged from the leftover debris and oil. Simplify things with a deep [...]

[Infographic] Skin Cancer Facts, Information and Preventative Measures

Thinking about heading to one the Chicago beaches along lake shore drive this year when the weather gets nice? Maybe you are heading to a beach on the east or west coast, or just going to be spending time outside playing softball or laying by your pool? There is alot to know about how to [...]

The Ten Commandments of Makeup and Skincare

We believe that although beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, there still exists, a set of specific commandments to follow in both makeup application and properly caring for your skin. With a million and one cosmetic brands to choose from you should always stick with what works for you, and we commend [...]

5 Tips To Reduce Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

If you have dark circles or puffy eyes, you are not alone. Many women suffer from under-eye circles and puffy eyes. Some of the factors that contribute to this beauty problem include smoking, hereditary conditions, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, allergies and excessive consumption of alcohol. Dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes can be [...]

Photofacial: Information and Benefits

Many lucky celebrities are photoshopped in most of the pictures they take, making their skin appear flawless and perfect. For those of us who are not privy to the star treatment there are photofacial treatments that many are calling photoshop for real life. These photofacial treatments give individuals that flawless, silky smooth appearance that many [...]

Skin Care Tips to Manage Eczema

Many people suffer from eczema. Eczema is often a term used to describe everything from irritated skin to barrier defective skin. Whether you suffer from eczema caused by irritants such as detergents or from eczema caused by genetics, the skin condition can be difficult to deal with when you do not know how to approach [...]

Microdermabrasion: Information and Benefits

If you’re looking for smoother, more radiant skin without invasive surgery or harsh chemicals a microdermabrasion is a great option for revitalizing dull skin. Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliating procedure where skilled professionals remove dead, dry skin and leave you walking out of the treatment with a fresh, healthy glow. What is it? Microdermabrasion is [...]

Laser Resurfacing: Treatments and Benefits

Laser resurfacing involves using controlled emissions of light at specific wavelengths to improve the quality of the skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting collagen production and new cell growth. Laser resurfacing is used to treat a variety of cosmetic issues including the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and discoloration, reverse sun [...]

Facial Vein Therapy: Types, Treatments, and Benefits

Our faces require a large number of veins, blood vessels and capillaries to deliver oxygen and blood to the many muscles in our face. Due to the constant exposure to sun, harsh weather and mechanical wear and tear our faces receive these delicate, small veins in our face can rupture leaving angry red marks that [...]

Male Breast Reduction Surgery: Information, Treatment, Benefits

For men excess fat and sagging in the breast tissue can be an embarrassing condition. Over-developed male breasts, is also known as gynecomastia, and may occur in one or both breasts. This development of excess fat and tissue may be influenced by both genetics and lifestyle. Excess development in the glandular tissue brought on by [...]

Liposuction: Information, Treatment, Benefits

For many of us ridding certain areas of our body from fat is near impossible. Genetics, busy lifestyles, eating habits and some diseases prevent our bodies from losing fat in specific areas no matter what diet or exercise we try. Liposuction is popular option for eliminating body fat in certain areas and allowing you to [...]

Limelight Photofacials: Information, Treatment, Benefits

Limelight photofacial therapy is an advanced type of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, which is highly customizable for each patient. This treatment visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots or discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. This treatment uses a wide array of different light wavelengths to eliminate unwanted red and brown marks [...]

Laser Hair Removal: Information, Treatment, Benefits

The hassle and skin irritation that comes with shaving on a regular basis is enough to drive anyone mad. Laser hair removal was first invented in the 1970s to help relieve men and women from the constant inconvenience that comes with traditional hair removal. Since the treatment was first invented the process has come a [...]

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Information, Treatment, Benefits

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent aging. We all get older; but you can prevent the effects aging has on your skin. Intense pulsed light is an advanced light therapy treatment, developed to dramatically reduce the effects of aging by erasing sun spots, fine lines and broken capillaries. Intense pulsed light is also an approved method for [...]

Chemical Peels: Information, Treatment, Benefits

A chemical peel is a topical solution of different chemicals, specifically combined based upon the results you would like to see. Chemical peels can be used to erase deep wrinkles, reduce blotchy or red patches on the skin and remove skin blemishes. Chemical peels are a form of exfoliation and can provide a lasting effect [...]

Acne Scaring Removal: Tips To Help Cover or Remove Acne Scars

Whiteheads, blackheads and cysts are all forms of acne. According to the National Institutes of Health, acne occurs when the tiny holes in the skin, called pores, become clogged. When a pore becomes clogged, it can become infected. Your body sends additional blood and other healing agents to fight the infection. When blood accumulates around [...]

Acne Light Therapy: Information, Treatment, Benefits

Light therapy attempts to help prevent papules and pustules, those everyday “zits” that many people get that are inflamed and red. Smaller acne lesions such as non-inflamed blackheads and whiteheads, as well as severe acne lesions such as cysts and nodules tend to respond more poorly. How does it work? Light therapy, usually administered with [...]

Titan Tissue Tightening Anti-Aging Treatment

Are there any side effects to Titan? There is a less that 1% chance that bruising or infection may occur. What happens after the Titan procedure? Immediately following the treatment, there may be some slight redness. You will be able to return to normal activities with no down time. Is there another way to get [...]

Stretch Mark Removal and Treatments

Many people associate stretch marks with pregnancy, but anyone who has experienced dramatic weight gain or weight loss, male or female, can develop them. Often, people who have stretch marks want to find ways to minimize the appearance of them. While no product can completely remove stretch marks, many options are available for improving their [...]

Guide To Tattoo Removal With The MedLite TM Laser

There are many options to get rid of your unwanted tattoo. Why are tattoos so hard to get rid of? The needles prick the skin’s top layer—the epidermis—and inject ink into its underlying layer of connective tissue, the dermis. Cells in the dermis are not regularly shed and replaced as they are in the epidermis. [...]

Spa and Beauty Safety Questions & Answers For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy affects and changes almost every aspect of a woman’s life, and her beauty routines are no exception to this rule. While many things are considered safe even during pregnancy, still other things — from tanning to chemical-based treatments — are considered risky or unsafe. Future mothers will want to consider the fifteen questions (and [...]

Sun Damage and Sun Damage Removal Treatments

The warming rays feel good to our bodies but are not good to our skin. The high dose of vitamin D is something our bodies crave and need but the sun is, unfortunately, not the place to get it. While the sun may make for a perfect day in the park, it does not make [...]

Fraxel Treatments: Information, Treatment, Benefits

Fraxel laser technology is one of the most advanced forms of laster treatment currently on the market. Fraxel laser technology is designed to remove age spots, minimize the appearance of pores and simulate the body’s own cell regeneration process to help stimulate collagen in the skin and speed up the growth of healthy new layers [...]

Cortisone Injection Treatment Guide

Cortisone injections provide a variety of benefits from cosmetic to pain relief. Cortisone injections are effective at ridding the skin of scars, treating inflammation and swelling, healing acne cysts, reliving joint pain and provide numerous other remedial benefits. Cortisone shots can be administered to almost any area on the body and can be injected both [...]

CO2 Laser Resurfacing: Information, Treatment, Benefits

For those looking for a quick, painless and lasting treatment for unwanted facial blemishes, including wrinkles, acne scars, crows feet or blotchy, discolored skin CO2 laser resurfacing provides the perfect answer. Hailed as the “anti-aging breakthrough of the decade” CO2 laser technology was developed many years ago but has seen several incredible advancements since in [...]

Broken Capillary: Information, Treatment, Benefits

Capillaries are your body’s smallest blood vessels, which are vital for delivering oxygen and blood to your skin to keep it looking healthy and glowing. When capillaries are broken your skin does not get the blood it needs to stay healthy and many times red, thread-like scars will form on the skin. These scars often [...]

10 Super Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

We all want beautiful, glowing, supple skin. Most health professionals agree that what we eat has a big impact on how we look. We all know the old adage, “You are what you eat.” Water is extremely important for keeping your body and your skin hydrated and the foods that you consume are important as [...]

The 5 Steps To Younger Looking Skin

Last decade’s fashions and an outdated hairstyle can certainly age a woman, but not nearly as much as wrinkly, dry skin. While fashion and hair issues can easily be remedied by a trip to the mall or the salon, making skin look younger is a more complicated process that requires daily attention. The following five [...]

Vitamins For Skin Care and Acne

Keeping your skin looking and feeling young, healthy, and acne free can be extremely difficult. Exposure to sunlight, heat and cold, air pollution and other irritating factors can encourage premature aging and make your skin seem rough or damaged. There’s no sure cure for this process, but there are several things you can do to [...]

10 Skin Care Myths and Facts

1. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree A common myth states that a woman’s skin will be the same as her mother’s skin. Although heredity does play a part in one’s genetic make up, all people have free choice. That is to say, if a woman’s mother had dry skin that wrinkled early [...]

BEAUTY SERIES: Essentials for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Let’s face it. You’re only born with one complexion, so you might as well take care of it. There is no documented evidence that proves people are born with naturally flawless skin. But guess what? I’m willing to bet that people with gorgeous skin are happier, more confident and score more dates than their smartphones [...]

Exfoliation: The Ins and Outs of Exfoliation

Why exfoliate? Exfoliants brighten the skin by removing flaky, dead, ashy cells. Your skincare products will work more effectively because they can penetrate deeper to the fresher skin, rather than sitting atop dead cell layers. The dead skin cells sitting on top of skin are the reason skin can develop a dull, lifeless appearance. Once [...]

What type of cleanser should I use? Can’t I just use bar soap?

The short answer to the last question…NO! While most of use are always looking for the cheapest way to have healthy skin, a cleanser is not something we should skimp on. Most bar soaps have high levels of alkalinity, a bitter, caustic mineral. Few bar soaps and bar cleansers are pH-balanced, and even if they [...]

Rosacea: What it is, Causes and Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that involves inflammation on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Inflammation can occur either as small spider-like veins, swelling, or be sensitive to touch. Rosacea can be triggered internally or externally by things such as sun damage, the environment, and cosmetics. Internal triggers that can cause a flare up [...]

What Skincare Products Are Really Necessary?

With what seems like an endless barrage of commercials, print ads and people telling us about the latest, greatest and most of all necessary skincare products out there, how do we determine what is necessary and what is not. There is definitely a division between “must haves”, “wants” and “waste of money”, and it is [...]

Is Botox Safe?

Botox® seems to be as common these days as cell phones and coffee breaks. Everyone seems to be doing it, talking about it, having parties for it and doing it on their lunch breaks. But is it really safe? How sure are we that what we are putting into our bodies won’t affect us 10 [...]

Why Fraxel?

The continuous battle for forever young skin wages on…We strive to find the best product, treatment, diet, etc to keep our skin looking and feeling young and beautiful…In honor of our steadfast search I bring you Fraxel…Why Fraxel you ask? Read on and learn about this amazing anti-aging treatment! Fraxel® provides similar dramatic results to [...]

Laser Hair Removal, Is it for you?

How many times have you muttered the phrase, “AARRRGGG I forgot to shave my ______”? Or gone to get a wax only to walk out wincing in pain? If you are like many of us out there you continue to shave or wax because you don’t think there is any other option. You have heard [...]

Battling Dry or Dehydrated Winter Skin

Unfortunately winter isn’t quite over which means that those of us who battle dry skin during the winter months are still battling it today. While it feels like a never-ending battle as we sit and wiggle or scratch or look in the mirror at the dry, cracked, flaky, sad looking skin that is staring back [...]

Holistic Acne Treatments and Skin Care at Thrive Med Spa

Holistic skin care is named so for its holistic approach to achieving stunning, healthy skin. Holistic skin care teaches individuals that truly radiant, active skin is not just the result of topical skin care treatments but is attributed to inner health and beauty. Holistic skin care calls for the use of natural, organic products and [...]

2012 Wellness Tips

As 2012 begins and you are setting resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, don’t forget about your skin and beauty routine. The New Year is a great time to step back and look at your skin care and modify your beauty routine. Take some time and set a few skincare resolutions that will keep [...]

Skin care tip: Sunscreen, the best kept anti-aging secret

When it comes to skincare, a good anti-aging strategy is a primary concern for everyone regardless of their current age. The single most important step you can take to prevent premature lines and wrinkles is to use sunscreen each and every day…without fail. If you practice this religiously and consistently, this one tip alone will [...]