Anti-Aging Medicine, Emergency Medicine Specialist

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Dr. Scott Sanderson

Dr. Scott Sanderson

My purpose and mission in life is to help people. My team and I are constantly striving to find the most effective ways to improve the lives of our clients. I believe that we should add more focus on quality of life rather than quantity of life. I know that when a person looks and feels their best, it has a profound impact on not only themself but everyone around them. A desire to look your best is NOT vanity. It is a completely normal and natural human desire. It is part of who we are. 

I have been practicing aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in Honolulu since 2014. I love this field not only because of the impact we can make on a person’s life but also due to its nature of constant evolution. I love learning about new developments and training to learn cutting-edge techniques to bring to our clientele. 

I love helping people to rejuvenate and/or enhance their face and body. I thoroughly enjoy helping people lose weight and balance their hormones as well, since I overcame by own struggle with physical fitness and health with the same methods. The smiles I see and the stories I hear make every day working in this field a gift. 

Dr. Sanderson studied psychology and pre-med as an undergraduate. He attended medical school at the University of Washington and then completed his residency in Tacoma, Washington. Since completing his residency, Dr. Sanderson has worked in multiple hospitals on the U.S. mainland and on multiple islands in Hawaii. He is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and board-certified in Emergency Medicine. He is a clinical faculty member at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu and an instructor of Advanced Trauma Life Support. He is a PDO thread trainer for AIAM, teaching basic and advanced-level courses.