IPL Facials in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common complaints among patients looking for a professional treatment to improve their skin tone and brighten their complexions. At Thrive Medical Spa & Wellness in Honolulu, HI, we offer IPL facials that use intense pulsed light to eliminate damaged and discolored skin cells and encourage the body to replace those cells with healthier, younger ones to promote uniform skin and a youthful appearance.

What Are IPL Facials?

IPL facials are light-based treatments, also called photofacials, that improve the skin with advanced technology. They deliver quick pulses of light into the skin to rejuvenate its appearance by breaking down discolored or damaged skin cells so that the body can respond, heal the area, and replace those cells with younger and healthier ones.

They can address the most common skin issues, including sun damage, age spots, and discoloration. They can promote a more uniform skin texture, tighten the skin, and improve skin texture with little to no recovery. During the treatments, IPL light energy heats the skin in the treatment area. As the skin absorbs the heat, the body responds by increasing natural collagen and elastin and production and cellular regeneration processes.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

Patients with skin discoloration and other cosmetic concerns can benefit from an IPL facial. Some of the treatment benefits include the following:

  • There’s minimal to no downtime after a treatment
  • IPL devices are equipped with cooling technology to promote comfortable treatments
  • Treatments are non-invasive, quick, and safe
  • IPL devices can eliminate the most common types of discoloration that affect the skin
  • Results are visible after one treatment
  • IPL treatment can be combined with other professional skin care treatments for enhanced results

What Can They Treat?

IPL facials can brighten the skin, eliminate discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and eliminate vascular lesions and freckles. They rejuvenate the skin and deliver a skin-tightening effect by stimulating natural collagen and elastin production within the skin’s deeper layers.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Different factors contribute to hyperpigmentation. For some, it can be genetic; for others, it appears due to hormonal fluctuations during or after pregnancy or hormonal imbalances. Sun damage, aging, and lifestyle factors can also contribute to hyperpigmentation, which appears as general discoloration, age spots, sunspots, melasma, and freckles and brown spots.

Those with discolored skin know it’s difficult to treat hyperpigmentation with topical products. While many professional skin care companies have designed products that claim to treat hyperpigmentation, most require consistent use for several months to see a minimal difference in the skin, if any.

Why IPL Facials Work

One of the reasons that IPL facials provide such an effective hyperpigmentation treatment is that they address the source of discoloration, discolored skin cells, and increased melanin production within the skin. These treatments eliminate those cells so the body can replace them with healthy and uniform cells free of discoloration.

The Spectrum Laser

At Thrive Medical Spa & Wellness, we use the Spectrum Laser, an IPL laser system that can perform multiple treatments to meet the needs of each patient. It features IPL technology that can eliminate vascular and pigmented lesions, treat age spots and hyperpigmentation, and brighten the skin.

It’s also equipped with the Erbium YAG Laser that uses resurfacing technology to treat the face, neck, chest, and hands to target hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of visible aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Enhancing Your Treatments With EXO|E Exosomes

At Thrive Medical Spa & Wellness, we are the only practice in Hawaii that offers treatments with EXO|E exosomes, which contain plant-based stem cells and growth factors that rejuvenate the skin, promote skin health, increase cellular turnover, and enhance the results of our professional skincare treatments.

We can add EXO|E exosomes to your IPL facial to accelerate healing and maximize the treatment results. These exosomes are natural and will work with the IPL device to rejuvenate the skin, brighten the complexion, and eliminate discoloration.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The total number of treatments you will need to address your skin concerns depends upon the state of your skin at the time of treatment and your ultimate treatment goals.

While you can expect results after just one treatment, you may need several treatments to address more advanced skin concerns, like severe sun damage and discoloration. Once we complete your initial consultation process, we can give you a better idea of what your treatment plan will look like so that you can schedule your treatments accordingly.

How Can I Prepare for My Treatment?

Avoiding sun exposure is the best way to prepare for your IPL facial. You can also drink plenty of water to ensure your skin is hydrated, and you may need to temporarily discontinue certain medications before treatment.

When we meet with you during your initial consultation, we will get more details about your medical history and any medication you’re currently taking and then provide you with individualized preparation instructions so that you can ensure the best possible results.

Is There Downtime?

You won’t need to plan around downtime after your IPL facial, but you will need to avoid the sun to protect your skin and ensure optimal results. We will give you complete aftercare directions after your appointment.

When Can I Expect Results?

The best results are typically visible within a few days of the treatment. Visible discoloration and blood vessels typically disappear within the first few weeks following treatment. Once we evaluate your skin and design your treatment plan, we can give you a better idea of what type of results you can expect.

Are the Treatments Painful?

Our goal is to provide a completely comfortable and enjoyable treatment experience. We perform our IPL facials using devices equipped with the most advanced technology, including cooling systems that promote a comfortable, uniform skin temperature during treatment.

Achieve a Uniform Skin Tone and Brighter Skin

IPL facials are the perfect solution for patients who want brighter skin and to finally eliminate skin discoloration that hasn’t been responding to topical products. We can design a treatment plan with one of our IPL devices and administer this non-invasive treatment so that you can finally achieve even skin and feel more confident in your appearance.

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